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Changed 2p!CanadaXReader
The blond Canadian sighed, resting his chin on his hand as he lazily watched the other countries argue like five year olds. It was a little sad, really. But as much as Canada would love to give his opinion, it wouldn't be heard, simply because no one noticed him. Sure, the Canadian was used to it, but that didn't mean he hated it any less.
He then felt someone tap on his shoulder and, naturally, he looked up. You flashed him a smile, sitting next to him. "Hey there, Canada!"
"H-Hey!" He stammered, smiling, his cheeks turning a faint shade of pink. Oh yeah, there was one person who noticed him: you. He had become friends with you at one of the world meetings, and now the two of you had become best friends, though the Canadian wanted to be more. You were cute, nice, and you noticed him. He'd be crazy not to fall in love with you. But the poor blond was so shy, he could never muster up the courage to ask you out. So he decided that, for now, he could deal with just being friends.
So the C
:icondibscrazyfangirl12:DibsCrazyFanGirl12 12 41
Obsession 2p!EnglandXReader
He walked through the crowded streets, his footsteps light, the bright sunlight shinning down on his strawberry blond hair. He stopped for a moment, his bright blue eyes scanning the area, though it was hardly necissarry; he could have walked there with his eyes shut, he knew the way so well.
His blue orbs rested on a small, comfy looking cafe that just seemed to make everything look a little brighter. He smiled, but it wasn't his usual crazed, sadistic smile he had plastered to his face whenever he played his game of cat and mouse; it was a true, genuine smile of happiness.
He walked over to the cafe and opened the door, inviting himself inside. It was rather cozy and warm, the smell of freshly baked bread in the air. He paused to deeply inhale the delicious smell; although he prefered cupcakes, the bread did smell rather tasty.
A small bell rung when he stepped inside, alerting you to his presence. A wide grin spread across your face. "Hello, Artie!" Of course you knew his name; the
:icondibscrazyfangirl12:DibsCrazyFanGirl12 25 37
Bloody Days 2p!ItalyXReader
You looked into the blood red eyes of the insane man who wore Italy's face, trembling like a leaf as shivers of horror ran up and down your spine. As you slowly backed away, eventually hitting the wall, you thought back to the events that transpired before today, and you couldn't believe you didn't see this coming.
You rapped your knuckles against the door of your Italian friend's house, sniffling. Right now you needed to pour your heart out to someone and who better than sweet, comforting Italy?
The door flew open, revealing a handsome, grinning Italian. "Hola, Bella ___!" His smile quickly faded, though, when he noticed how red and puffy your eyes were. "What's wrong?"
That did it. "Oh, Italy!" You wailed, throwing yourself at the stunned Italian.
He caught you skillfully, surprise lighting up his face. He held you for a moment before finally saying something. "What's the matter?"
"He-He broke up with me." You were, of course, refering to your ex boyfriend; th
:icondibscrazyfangirl12:DibsCrazyFanGirl12 17 22
Jealous Blood Dark!Child!RussiaXReader
You found him standing alone in the snow, the cold winter wind blowing his platinum blond hair out of his face, his deep purple eyes distant and cold. He was an odd one, that boy. He looked around six, but he was all alone.
You thought he was lost and, being the helpful person that you are, decided to see if you could help. You cautiously approached the boy, almost afraid you'd spook him if you moved too quickly "Excuse me?"
The boy turned to look at you, his vibrant eyes meeting yours. "Da?"
You bent down to his level, smiling kindly. "You look lost. Do you know where your mommy is?"
He looked at the ground, gripping his large scarf with his meaty little kid hands tightly. "I do not having a family. All I having is the snow."
You felt a pang of pity for the lost child. "Well, would you like to come live with me?"
He looked up at you, his eyes wide. "Really?!"
The hopeful look in his eyes almost hurt to look at, but you continued to smile. "Da!" You stood up and took his small hand in
:icondibscrazyfangirl12:DibsCrazyFanGirl12 11 97
Fear 2p!EnglandXReader
Your eyes flew open as you sat up, looking around wildly. It sounds like the crash came from downstairs. A burglar?
With a sigh, you swung your legs over the bed, shivering when your bare feet touched the cold wooden floor. You creeped over to the stairs slowly, careful not to make any noise, and slowly tiptoed down the stairs.
Th-Thump, Th-Thump

What was that sound? You tried not to worry about it as you slowly and quietly continued to go down the stairs.
Th-Thump, Th-Thump
You tried to ignore it, but the sound just kept getting louder and louder and it was really starting to creep you out. You almost jumped when you heard a cruel chuckle in the kitchen. "Don't bother hiding, poppet, I can hear your heartbeat all the way from here."
So that's what that was! You silently cursed yourself as you stepped into the kitchen, fists curled into a ball as you prepared to fight whoever was in there. The only light was from the moonlight shining faintly from the window.
:icondibscrazyfangirl12:DibsCrazyFanGirl12 18 32
All Mine 2p!AmericaXReader
The blond American walked quickly to the world meeting, a smile plastered to his face. He'd been waiting forever for the world meeting to come, for one reason and one reason only. You.
You see, the American had a huge crush on you, but then again, why wouldn't he? You were super fricken' cool! You loved to play video games and eat hamburgers, and you were really nice and really cute and the list just went on and on.
He then spotted you and his heart rate and pace quickened. He ran at you, hugging you with such ferocity that the two of you fell to the ground, America on top. "Hey, dude!" He exclaimed cheerfully, flashing you his trademark idiotic grin.
You couldn't help but smile at his enthusiasm; he really was something else. "Hey, America."
The blond got off you and helped you to your feet, grinning broadly. "Hey, we'd better get to the world meeting!" Before you could say anything, he grabbed your hand and ran to the world meeting room.
You chuckled softly to yourself; he was so cut
:icondibscrazyfangirl12:DibsCrazyFanGirl12 27 84
Back Off! Bully!2p!CanadaXReader
"Hey! Four eyes!"
You flinched at the nickname but you grit your teeth and tightened your hold on your books, determined not to look at him. Grin and bear it, as your mother used to say.
"Hey, four eyes! I'm talking to you!"
God, why couldn't he just leave you alone?! You saw all the girls in your class fangirl over that jerk, though you didn't understand why at all. Sure, he was Canadian, but what differance did that make?
God, how you hated him. You hated that stupid, shit eating grin of his, that stupid Canadian accent, and his stupid I'm better than you attitude. To top it all off, he felt the need to bully you constantly and remind you why you were part of the unpopular crowd. Oh yes, you loathed him, and you were starting to get sick of his bullshit.
You felt a hand slam down on your shoulder and you whipped around, your patience wearing thin. Sure enough, you came face-to-face with jock Matthew Williams and his usual goddamn grin, long blond hair pulled back into a messy ponytai
:icondibscrazyfangirl12:DibsCrazyFanGirl12 45 142
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Exactly how long has this argument been going on? From the comments i read, it seem to be about half a year...

i think you all should stop this
Oriahna Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
PSA: guys this has been going on for weeks now i think she gets the point, further comments are not needed and i dont think she even logs on here anymore. just like, stop making comments bc:
1. she wont see them
2. there is a 100% chance someone has said what you have said along with a million other people.

you're beating a dead horse. just let it go now.
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i think its just the fact that it keeps happening that spurs it on
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you know it would be greatly appreciated if you would stop stealing midnights work and start writing your own stuff. also, it would help if you would stop commenting on her journal entries calling her a useless whore. that isn't true, and nobody needs to hear it.
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Really? Stealing someone's art work because of your own personal bull? You obviously have the maturity of a two year old, and I recommend that you stop stealing from Midnight, grow up, and get off of DeviantArt you are just asking for all this. But in all truth, what you are doing is completely asinine and childish. Nothing you can say can convince me otherwise. What a disgusting, shallow thing to do.
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Okay, I've probably said this before, but I'll say it again.
Seriously. It is NOT okay to call her a bitch, whore, cunt, cunt nugget, etc.
Look, I'm not on Dibs' side. I'm on Midnight's.
But seriously, wishing death on someone is not OKAY.
If Midnight can be mature about this so can you.
Now I know Dibs' has called Midnight a bitch and told her to fuck off.
But seriously, Midnight handled that maturely (sp?).
So please, if you're going to hate, hate maturely.
Well, that's it.

With love,
Neko Nyah~
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Agreed, completely.
Seriously, if you find something wrong with someone, even if they're a theif, provide your point maturely, if not no one is going to take it seriously.
Thank God I'm not the only one who thinks this way.
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Yeah, I'm tired of seeing this happen.
But the internet is the internet. :/
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Stop it stop it stop it! Stop. Right. NOW!
Copying art/writings is STEALING! This is an DeviantART a place to unleash CREATIVITY stealing isn't being creative! This isn't Twitter where you can retweet things as you please.
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